Types of virtual facilities we provide

Public Program via BRC (Trainers / Lecturers / Institutes)

Option 1:

You can conduct a program via BRC digital campus as a digital campus facilitator. Learners can view program details and enroll by paying the fee. BRC will manage the total process of training.

Personal Training (Trainers / Lecturers / Institutes)

Option 2:

You can conduct a training to your own group by using the virtual facility and provide LMS IDs to your participants via BRC DC. Digital campus will only facilitate with the technology. Once you given the facility for that training it is freely available for you for a full month starting from the date of the facility granted.

Tuition Class via BRC (Tutors / Teachers)

Option 3:

You could activate your usual class for your students as a 100% digital tutor or teacher. You have to register yourself as a Tutor / Teacher and create your own sessions and publish via BRC . Your class will be totally managed by us. You will be an open teacher or trainer to the entire country via BRC.

Conduct Webinar /Meeting or live event (Open)

Option 4:

Anyone who required to host a meeting / Webinar or live event can get the facility for a onetime event fee. We could manage your participants and event via our technology.